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Interview With Monika

by Repfuel Sports 28 Apr 2023

1.Why Have You Chosen Bodybuilding As A Sport?

To tell you the truth, when I first started out, I tried a combination of strength training and bodybuilding. bodybuilding piqued my interest because I always wanted to have a aesthetic physique. Nonetheless, increasing my strength was the primary motivation for me to begin bodybuilding, so that is how my journey began.

2.How Do You Get Your Daily Dose Of Motivation?

Well, By Progression in PR breakthroughs and physique gains.

3.What Is Your Secret For Developing Your Legs And Glutes So Well?

Dedication and discipline.

And I love to train my legs and glutes hard. I train my legs twice a week and never miss a leg day or my diet. So yeah, that's my secret.

4.Three Exercises That You Believe Work Best For You, And Why?

My all-time favorites are squats, bench presses, and deadlifts because these three cover the functional movements of push, pull, and legs.

5.Five Supplements You Highly Recommend?

oh!! That's quite easy.

My absolute favorite has to be Whey Isolate. Then comes my pre-workout. And I can't ignore my multivitamins, omega-3s, and Creatine, of course.

6.What Is Your Favorite Quote?

Alright, I live and breathe to train.

Well, it's not much of a quote. It is "Train, Eat, Sleep & Repeat!"

Yeah, buddy!!LIGHT WEIGHT!!!!That's it.

7.Which Stage Of Your Transformation Was Most Challenging For You?

Muscle mass threshold for the past 1st year.

8.Three Diet And Training Tips For People Who Love To Travel?

one, Keep protein snacks or 2-3 protein scoops readily available on the go as consuming them during travel helps a lot.

second, if exercise or being in shape is a priority, give a go to body weight exercises

third, get plenty of rest. Don’t forget to have fun !!

9.What Are You Aiming For Now? By This Time Next Year, Where Do You See Yourself?

There are a lot of plans for the future. But in terms of fitness, I am planning to get certain certifications in health and fitness. I am also planning to launch a knowledge-based social media channel to help provide information and exercises needed by interested people.

10.Which Is Your Favorite Food? And How Do You Manage Your Hunger Pangs?

That’s easily my Protein bars or my eggs. Not a distraction there.

11.What Is Your Current Training Program?

Currently, I am focusing on mix of strength and isolate targeting.

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