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Interview With Udyan

by Repfuel Sports 11 Apr 2023

1. Why Did You Choose Bodybuilding As A Sport?

I'll tell you what, everyone has ups n downs in their life, and everyone has a different story about how they came up while going through the hard times of life. For me, bodybuilding has helped me overcome all the hurdles as it always keeps me in discipline, helps me maintain self-love, and makes me strong mentally and physically to deal with every aspect of life.

2. What Is Your Daily Dose Of Motivation?

 Every morning when I wake up, I look at myself, check my body condition, and talk to myself in the mirror. I remind myself to stay focused and disciplined. My fitness is always my daily motivation.

3.Three Exercises That You Believe Works Best For You, And Why?

I would say Squats, Deadlift and Lateral raise!
And I am going to tell you why!

Squats: Because I enjoy training with old-school methods.They feel authentic and allow me to push myself to the limit. For me, squats are the true workout since they train your entire body and your mind-muscle connection, which is crucial for bulking up and having a good physique.

Deadlift - For me, Deadlift is love, as you can move a good amount of weight if you learn to do it correctly and also improve your form. Also, it gives you a sense of achievement and a positive boost of motivation when you see improvement in your lifting capacity.

Lateral raise - It is the most essential and favorite exercise in my shoulder workout routine. You know why? Because it helped me develop a massive shoulder. There is no denying it, and you must know that shoulders are the most noticeable part of a bodybuilder's physique.

4. Five Supplements, You Highly Recommend?

Liver Support
Joint Support
And obviously Whey Protein

5. Your Favourite Quote?

I am a hardworking guy. So I truly believe that,
“if you want something you’ve never had before, you have to be willing to do something you’ve never done before.”

6. What Is Your Current Training Program?

I will answer that in 3 simple words,
Push, Pull and Legs.!!

7. Three Diet And Training Tips For People Who Love To Travel?

If we are talking about diet. Always remember Never cheat on your diet, always look for whole foods, and never let your hunger cravings spoil your hard work. That's the only thing I can advise, since I tell myself this whenever I even attempt to cheat on my diet. 

And Training well, While traveling, following your routine training program gets difficult. Still, cardio can be done, and its plays almost the same important role. Try to walk down your nearby areas , complete your 10-20 k steps and try to do at least 100 pushups  in the morning.

8. How Frequently Do You Change Your Training Program?

I believe following a program for four to sixteen weeks is a reasonable amount of time. After that, our muscles become accustomed to the workout routine, and then switching things up becomes essential.

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