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Interview With Rajat

by Repfuel Sports 28 Apr 2023

1. What Does Bodybuilding Mean To You?

 Bodybuilding has been with me since childhood. I was into cricket before I came into bodybuilding, but I was very weak; my body weight was only 46-47 kg. So to increase my bodily strength and shots, my coach recommended going to the gym and start weight training. And since then, it became such an integrated part of my life that eventually, I left cricket, but I could never leave bodybuilding. And when I started doing bodybuilding professionally, I realized bodybuilding is a lifestyle, not just a passion. It teaches you discipline, the way to live, and so many other things that no other profession does. So for me, bodybuilding is like breathing; it will be with me till I live and breathe.

2. Tell Me, What Motivates You ?

 Look where I am now; I don't think I'm getting any outside motivation. A new objective will always present itself. There is always a next goal. When I look in the mirror, all I can think about is my next objective, what it is that I want to improve upon, and where my weaknesses lie. I don't require encouragement to take care of myself and my body. To work on myself and my body, I don't need motivation. The only key is hard work, and I never stop doing it. "MOTIVATION IS NOTHING; IF I HAVE TO DO IT, I WILL DO IT. "

3. Three Exercises Which Works Best For You?

 Well, if I had to pick, I'd go with squats. Squatting is my favourite lower body exercise because it has the most significant overall impact. Squats are the best lower body exercise because they work for every muscle group.

Following that, I would recommend deadlifts and other compound exercises. Personally, I've greatly benefited from deadlifts. In terms of my body's framework, I've seen significant improvement. Over time, I've built up a thicker, stronger, and broader back. Both my glutes and hamstrings have improved. I've been incorporating deadlifts into my routine for the past seven to eight years. Lastly, I like doing side lateral raises with dumbbells because the width of your upper body is directly related to the width of your shoulders. You will feel and see the difference in your physical form.

4. Top Five Nutritional Supplements You Recommend?

Fish oilZMA (zinc and magnesium supplement), Pre Probiotics for gut health, Digestive enzymes for  good digestion, and Creatine, without a doubt, because it helps  boost health and improve recovery, are the five supplements of my daily routine, which I never miss.

 5. Your Favourite Quote Or Life Mantra?

 I believe in "God helps those who help themselves" and that’s what I live by.

6. What Is Your Current Training Program ? 

I'm switching from classic physique to bodybuilding right now, so my workouts focus on building muscle mass (hypertrophy). Hypertrophy means lifting heavy loads repeatedly. Typically, only a few people will commit to this sort of training. Whenever I go up in weight, I also increase the number of reps I do. You're probably wondering how I manage to do more reps when I lift heavier weights. The truth is that it takes time and effort to make those remarkable improvements, but once you do, it's worth it.

7. For All Fitness Enthusiasts Out There, What Are Three Tips For Diet And Exercise?

First, I can never stress enough that you need a proper sleeping and waking-up schedule. Usually, when we are traveling, our sleeping pattern deviates a lot. The second thing is to watch your diet while traveling, avoid overeating, and stay on track. Also, take care of the intervals between meals. More than 5 hours of gap is not advisable. Avoid consuming too much fat while traveling because you might not get the chance to work out, so try to eat less fat.Thirdly, it's common for people to neglect their exercise regimens while traveling, so I advise you to get up a little earlier so you can exercise for 30-45 minutes in the morning before you start your day. Getting up a little early isn't a big deal for anyone whose health is a priority.

8. Which Foods Do You Prefer? How Do You Control Your Hunger Pangs While Following A Diet?

See my favourite food is just food. I enjoy eating, and one advantage I have is that my profession requires a lot of eating, so eating a lot isn't bad. I don't really have a preference for any particular food; I want food when I'm hungry. And if you ask me how I manage my hunger pangs, I would say quite badly!. I turn into a completely different person. I become very irritated at that time and don't think about my diet or anything else; I just eat and mostly sweets, particularly Indian sweets. So that's my secret to how I deal with hunger pangs !!

9. What Aims Do You Have In Mind For The Next Year ?

I am currently preparing to win the pro card, which is my current goal. I want to be one of India's top prep coaches. I hope that by this time next year, I will be recognized as one of India's top preparation coaches, and that many of my students and trainees will earn their pro cards and go on to win major events.

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