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Multivitamin And It's Benefits

by Repfuel Sports 03 Mar 2023 0 Comments
Multivitamin and it's benefits

You might have heard a lot about Roti Kapda Makaan as survival of life. But are we doing it the right way? 

Our body requires a lot of strength to work properly. And the only source is a proper healthy meal. The intake of a good amount of vitamins and minerals, or we can say a proper nutritious diet is much necessary for the growth and the proper functioning of the organs. 

For instance, if a diabetic patient eats randomly, it can even cause life risks, same as someone with hepatitis or allergic. The people suffering from such diseases must carefully think about what he/she eats. In short, eating is a survival activity, but eating right ensures healthy living. This is why every type of food is essential; none should be neglected for any reason, especially for those with fragile health. Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, Fats, and Oils are all needed by the body. 

Unhealthy eating habits (that’s knowingly poisoning us) can also have a healthy alternative. For example, if you are craving sweets, eat some fruits instead. Drinking several cups of coffee while working? 


Unhealthy eating habits


Just order some fresh beans instead of having unhealthy instant coffee; it may take a while as you might have been addicted to such unhealthy fast food. 

Sportspersons are usually exposed to a greater risk of vitamin deficiency. Simply because the body goes through greater stress effectively means that it requires more resources to keep going.

Fixing this isn’t that difficult as many vitamins are available in common food items that too in a good amount, while others do exist but not in abundance. This points out the need for dietary snacks and food supplements that are often necessary for fitness enthusiasts and athletes, just as a healthy supply of vitamins to your body. 

The question that may arise here in your mind right now might be possible that; “Is being healthy and coming into shape expensive?”

No, not really! 

Let’s look at what’s the importance of vitamins and what can be the sources to fulfill the intake in your body.  

Vitamins and supplements complement the nutrients you get from your meal; hence take you one step closer to your wellness goals. The essential vitamins are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K.  

Being an athlete, it’s necessary to be conditioned to strain and stress without giving out. The few vitamins that aid while performing in peak include:

VITAMIN B: There are different variants of vitamin B, as will be highlighted below. However, vitamins B6, B12, B1, and B2 are vital to the performance of an athlete. The body utilizes them in converting protein and sugar into energy. RBCs are also produced while the body tackles these vitamins. Athletes with a low count of red blood cells often compromise their performance during high-intensity rises. 

VITAMIN C: Many people have a miss conception that vitamin C is only used by the body to fight the common cold. But it does so much more for athletes. Shortness of breath, wheezing, and ever exercise-induced Mann are all combated by adequate vitamin C in the body. Of course, the absence of the problem mentioned above will increase the chances of a top sporting performance from an athlete.


Vitamin C


VITAMIN D: It turns out to be the Sunshine vitamin is also crucial for an athlete. This is because it helps mitochondria in muscle fibers adequately recoup energy after muscle contraction. 

VITAMIN E: Being an athlete, the chances of you falling sick and your body giving out easily increases drastically. Increasing vitamin E intake reduces the chances of getting ill. 


Vitamin D



Vitamin B has eight types that are good for human consumption (i.e., B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, and B12), and each has its role in playing proper functioning of the body. But when they are all put together, they have a collective name as B complex. 

B1 can be naturally found in soybeans, trout, nuts, and sunflower seeds. It is an essential daily nutrient for everyone and especially for those who constantly work out because it supplies steady energy and boosts muscle and nerve functioning. Vitamin B2 can bend in food like eggs, liver, salmon, and almonds.

If you are looking for vitamin B3. It is abundant in mushrooms, green peas, and peanuts. It helps to quickly break down glucose, alcohol, and fats. It will also help to decrease the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. With this, you do not have to worry too much about having excess fats and sugar due to a slow metabolism. 

Vitamin B 7 can be easily achieved naturally from strawberries, broccoli, sweet potato, and eggs. The recommended daily intake for adults is between 30 and 50 micrograms.


Vitamin A contributes to perfect eyesight, strong teeth and gums, as well as healthy tissues. Apart from extreme pressure on the eyes and teeth, a proper supply of vitamin A keeps them going even into old age. 

It is present in many foods like liver, fish, beef, sweet potato, cod liver oil, carrots, and broccoli. The daily recommended intake for men is 1000 micrograms, and for women, 800 micrograms.

Vitamin K, one of the food-soluble vitamins, is mainly the clotting agent of blood. It helps to build strong bones. Without a good supply, you can be sure of excessive menstrual flow, bruising easily, and slow healing of wounds. When blood is difficult to clot, the surgery is ruled out, and wounds take a long time to heal properly. Meals that contain vitamin K are broccoli, mustard greens, or spinach are the best source. In a day minimum of 120 micrograms should be taken by men while 90 micrograms by women.

And if you are looking for something easy and effective, get a pack of RF’S Multivitamin 60 tablets for yourself. This is one of the trusted vitamin supplements that provides a maximum variety of vitamin categories in just a combined manner.

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