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Ultimate Guide To Help You Gain Weight

by Repfuel Sports 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

While everyone is concerned about losing weight these days and wants to look fit and perfect, being underweight can also shatter their dream of how they want to look. Being underweight is a cause of concern that is being overlooked frequently due to the daily busy life of people. Well, you can solve this problem by going for an adequate diet plan and having some weight-gaining exercises at your home according to your body's needs. Not only does losing weight need proper diet plans, but gaining weight also requires appropriate diet plans to achieve a healthy weight. However, as losing weight is challenging work, gaining weight is also like that. But you can take small steps, by following a healthy diet plan and making a few adjustments in your daily routine, and you are ready to gain some healthy weight, and put on some mass on those muscles. Start your journey towards a healthier version of yourself.

What Is Healthy Weight Range?

Your Body mass index(BMI) helps you determine your healthy weight range. Just divide your body weight in kilograms by your height in metre squares, and you will get to know your BMI. Since height is commonly measured in centimetres there is an alternate way to calculate your BMI, where you only need to divide your body weight (kg) by the square of your height in centimetres and simply multiply the result by 10,000.

For example, if your body weight is 56 kg and height is 163cm, then calculating your BMI:

  • BMI= 56 ÷ (163*163 )
  • BMI= 56 ÷26569
  • BMI= 00210772*10000
  • BMI= 21.077(approx.)

If your BMI is lower than 18.5bmi, then you are categorised as underweight. People between 18.5 and 24.4, would be termed as healthy. And if your BMI reaches 30 or higher you would be considered overweight or obese.

Understanding The Causes:

There could be many reasons for being underweight. You can identify the causes yourself with a little assessment or you can visit your doctor. Here are some of the common and general causes -

  • Usually, people with high metabolism find themself lean, and it is very hard for them to gain weight because high metabolism tends to convert food very fast into energy and leave very less chances to gain calories for weight gain.
  • Sometimes it also depends on Genetics. If your family has a history of a lean body, then it may affect your body structure, and you may have a lean body.
  • Chronic stress also can be one of the causes of not gaining weight. Heavily Stressed, people usually lose their appetite and eat less, which leads to losing weight, and they find it hard to maintain a healthy body weight.
  • Medical conditions, including severe diseases like diabetes, cancer, and other infections, can also cause severe weight loss.

Being underweight can also lead to deficiency in many vitamins and other nutrients in our body which can lead to many health issues. It can cause chronic illness and various diseases and even cause fertility issues in women. If you are underweight, you may face severe risk of certain health conditions like malnutrition, loss of muscle strength, hypothermia, and weak immunity.

Tips For Healthy Weight Gain:

When you are planning to gain weight, then the most important thing to consider is your daily calorie intake. Increasing calorie intake and other nutrients like protein, carbs, and minerals will help you to gain weight. Adding these nutrients in your daily life also makes your health better. A dietitian or a nutritionist can also help you to know how many calories you should take daily based on your age, gender, body composition, and physical activity, so before you start your daily healthy diet, just keep these things in your mind first.

  • Eat healthy and nutritious food, consume a good number of calories, nutrients like protein, carbs etc. and good fats.
  • Try to avoid stressing yourself too much and meditate regularly to reduce your stress.
  • Do the right exercises according to your body’s needs, for that you can take the help of a trainer or follow some readily available training programs on YouTube. 
  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Having a glass of milk and some mixed nuts before bedtime can help you get a good sleep.
  • You can also add some healthy snacks like some Nuts and seeds in between meals.
  • Monitor your meals, having a high calorie diet doesn’t mean you can eat lots of snacks, fast foods, and oily food. It can lead to obesity and many health issues. Try replacing it with nuts, baked snacks with some calories and multiple types of soups.

Some home exercises that can help you to gain weight easily.

Are you lifting after a layoff?


 Well, when it comes to gaining weight and overcoming being underweight, there is no strict diet and no restriction to diet. You just need to add a good number of calories and nutrients to your diet, and don’t forget to add some good fats. A typical weight gain diet includes 3 meals a day, but if you want to gain weight and don’t prefer eating a big meal at once, you can divide your meal in 4 to 5 small meals. Also add some exercise in your daily routine and you are good to go.

Note: Everyone’s weight gain and weight loss journey isn’t the same. So, its highly recommended to take some professional advice if you are facing any severe problems regarding weight loss or weight gain.

We wish you great health!!

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