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Tips To Set Fitness Goals

by Repfuel Sports 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Do Something Today, And Your Future Self Will Thank You Tomorrow.

Here are some of the tips!!

Before doing any real groundwork, the first step is to set goals. And everything else depends on the goals you set. You may not realize it yet, but the goals you choose are setting yourself up for failure. Simply put, you might be aiming for something that is not quite realistic at this stage. Nothing in this world is not achievable if you put your heart and brain into it. But some goals might not be attainable initially, so decide accordingly because small wins go a long way, and so do the failures.

How to set fitness goals? What are the things you should consider while doing it?

Will it be easy? Nope. Will it be worth it? Absolutely, yes!

Reach your goals by following these five simple tips. And thank us later. !!

TIP 1- Start With Things That You Can Control By Yourself

Make goals that can be controlled by you. Goals like "Workout 5 days a week". Working out 5 days a week is quite doable. You can plan your training program each day and try to derive maximum benefits from these five days. It's not necessary to work out 6 days a week or for 12 hours a week. If you manage to take out even 5-7 hours a week, it's not a lost battle. "Make healthy meals for the whole week" and "Don't go out to eat more than once this week" are mini goals you can aim for. Because chances are you are not going to quit on these. Instead of unrealistic goals like having six-pack abs, losing 10 kg in a month, etc. You can pick such mini goals for yourself, and slowly, you will see a bigger picture form, which will no doubt be beautiful.

TIP 2- Set A Timeline For Your Goal Achievement

Setting a specific timeline for goals will make you more likely to stay on track. It makes your goals more solidified and disciplines you. Keeping track of your performance and moving towards your goal are the two things you will need to keep moving ahead in a disciplined manner.

TIP 3- Find Your Purpose

Getting shredded for the beach" may have been your initial goal- and that's fine. Still, personally, I believe it's quite obvious that unless there is a greater purpose for your work, the goal doesn't mean as much, which may result in you abandoning it altogether. For example, you want to become someone your friends, siblings, and even your partner look up to. And you don't want them to face the same problems as you. Instead, do something for yourself. So make a meaningful goal that serves a purpose in your overall growth and fitness.

TIP 4 - Be Specific

"I'm going to eat vegetables in every meal" that's much more probable to happen than "I'm going to eat healthier." Specific goals are more likely to get accomplished because you know exactly what you need to do. So make up a goal in your mind and don't be vague, be specific, like you will complete ten thousand steps every day. It's precise, it's measurable, and it's going to serve a purpose in the bigger picture.

TIP 5 - Don’t Dwell On Shortcomings

Dwelling on your failures, and making excuses for them, won't help you move forward a single step. Instead, accept your failures, figure out why you failed, and gear up yourself for the next time.

Some Things To Take Away !!

Think about why you want to get fit or more active. To improve your health, confidence, energy, or appearance? Knowing why you want to get fit can keep you motivated when things get tough.

Goals: Setting clear, measurable goals can help you reach your fitness goals.

Find fun: Fun activities can make exercise less of a chore. Try swimming, hiking, dancing, or weightlifting until you find one you like.

Benefits First: Regular exercise boosts energy, mood, and health. Focusing on positive results can keep you motivated to exercise.

Keep track: Tracking your progress can motivate you. Track your workouts with a journal or app and celebrate your progress.

Set goals. Knock them down. And if you aren't good enough today, there's always a tomorrow.


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