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How to Improve Your Deadlift?

by Repfuel Sports 10 Jun 2023 0 Comments

We're diving into the world of deadlifts today, and trust me, it's going to be a game-changer. No jargon, just pure practical advice on how to level up your deadlift game.

Simplifying the Deadlift

First things first, what's a deadlift? It's that awesome move where you pull something heavy off the ground. Think of it as a real-world superpower – perfect for moving furniture or hoisting groceries. It's one of the "big three" in strength training, engaging multiple muscle groups in one smooth motion. But here's the best part: it's not just about making an impression at the gym, it's about gaining real-world strength and stability [1]. Plus, it's like a magic spell against lower back pain [2]. So, let's get you nailing this move!

Why Bother Improving Your Deadlift?

improve your grip

Let's break down why you want to step up your deadlift game:

Lift Heavier: A stronger deadlift means more plates on the bar. Who doesn't love that satisfying clink?

Stay Injury-Free: A solid technique is your insurance against injuries, especially in the lower back.

Everyday Ease: Imagine everyday tasks feeling like a breeze. Deadlifts can make that happen.

Back Rehab: If you've got lower back pain, the deadlift can be your path to recovery.

Breathing: The Unsung Hero

Alright, let's talk about breathing. It's not just for yoga class; it's your secret weapon for a solid deadlift. Picture your core as an uncrushable soda can, full of pressure. Breathing into your abdomen stabilizes your spine and keeps it from bending in all the wrong ways. Here's how you do it:

Take a deep breath in your belly, pushing your sides outward. Feel it? That's stability.

Remove the Slack, Feel the Power

Setting up right is the secret sauce for an epic deadlift. Before you even think about lifting, remove the slack from the barbell. This simple step ensures you're in control. Here's how you do it:

Stand with the barbell in front of you, almost touching your shins.

Grab it with an overhand or mixed grip (one hand over, one under).

Engage those glutes and hamstrings, lower your hips, and point your glutes at the floor.

Now, raise your upper body, chest high.

Hold the barbell and lift until you hear it connect with the plates. Boom, no more slack!

Activate Those Lats

Heavier Deadlifts

Your lats, those muscles under your armpits, are like your secret weapon in the deadlift game. They might not be the stars, but they play a critical supporting role. Engaging your lats reduces the stress on your lower back and hips, making lifting easier. Here's the scoop:

Start by removing the slack from the barbell, as we discussed earlier.

Flatten your back and engage your lats like you're trying to snap that barbell in half.

Pull your shoulder blades back and down as if you're tucking them into your back pockets.

Lock your elbows and aim to make your armpits "disappear" by engaging your lats.

Position your armpits directly over the bar.

Ground Yourself for Power

Anchoring your lower body properly can make all the difference in your deadlift. If you've felt lower back strain, this one's for you. By turning your femurs outward and "screwing" your feet into the floor, you engage your glutes and ensure your thighs and knees stay in harmony. Here's how:

Rotate your hips slightly outward, feeling those glutes and outer thighs get to work.

Imagine spreading the floor apart between your feet – that tension is your secret weapon.

Keep that tension alive as you go through the motions of the deadlift.

Hips Back, Power Up

One common mistake is letting your hips rise before you start lifting the barbell, overloading your lower back. But by setting up right and engaging your lats, you'll be all set to lift with power. Here's how:

Push your hips back and down as far as your body allows. Feel like you'd topple over if you let go of the bar.

Keep the barbell close to your shins.

As you lift, extend your hips, squeezing those glutes.

When lowering the bar, push your hips back and hinge, maintaining a slight knee bend.

Keep your chest up and the bar close during the descent.

Variety is the Spice of Deadlifts

Let's not make deadlifts boring! Add some variety to target your weak spots and bust through plateaus [3]. Try changing your tempo – lift quickly and descend slowly, or vice versa [4]. Pause at the top or bottom, or go touch-and-go. Remember, go lighter when trying these variations.

You can also spice things up with bands and chains in your deadlift routine. They can boost your speed and overall lockout ability.

Accessory Exercises: Your Sidekicks

Here's a secret: deadlifts alone won't cut it. Accessory exercises are your sidekicks for a stronger deadlift. They can help you hit new PRs and keep you resilient against injuries. Don't ignore these gems:

Glute and Hamstring Strength: Incorporate barbell good mornings, stiff-legged deadlifts, and hip thrusts.

Back Strength: Add cable rows, barbell rows, and back extensions to your routine.

Grip Strength: Boost your grip with farmer's carries, dead hangs, and pull-ups.

Targeting these muscle groups will turn you into a deadlift powerhouse in no time.

Train with Purpose

Remember, it's not just about lifting weights; it's about lifting with intent. Be present and focused during your training sessions. That mental and physical presence can work wonders. Get into the right mindset, give your all from start to finish, and let that intent shine. Even your warm-up sets can set the tone for epic working sets.

In Conclusion: Your Deadlift Journey

fix your caving knees

Mastering the deadlift is a journey filled with rewards. By following these techniques, you'll lift heavier, minimize the injury risk, and achieve your fitness goals safely. Keep yourself fueled and hydrated. Also, don't forget that recovery in between the sets is as important as the technique work that you've just learned, so make sure to rest enough so that you can perform every rep with maximum efficiency for optimal results.

Now, go out there and conquer those deadlifts!

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