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Can We Take A Pre Workout Empty Stomach

by Repfuel Sports 11 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Who wants to start their day with low energy and the previous day's leftovers? Everyone wants to start their day refreshed and high on energy, so the ideal routine you can have to kick start your day is a good training session, yoga, or any sort of workout you are interested in. And for that, all you want to have is a pre workout supplement that can boost your daily workout experience exponentially. Pre workout is a super supplement that supports you during your workout and exercise. It increases your stamina and alertness during workouts and helps to maintain energy longer so that you can exercise for a long duration. However, it has always been the confusing thought of whether we should take a pre workout on an empty stomach or not. In this article, we will discuss if we can have a pre workout on an empty stomach or not. And what are the effects we experience when we eat on an empty stomach?

What Does Pre Workout Really Do?

Pre workout is a high-performance supplement which is designed for energising and increasing

endurance during your workout and exercise sessions. It helps in reducing muscle fatigue, which enhances the exercise duration, and also helps in muscle building. It has a high concentration of caffeine, which is known for boosting energy and alertness. Other ingredients like L- theanine and beta-alanine help reduce stress and muscle fatigue caused by intense workouts and maintain focus during the workout. Creatine helps in gaining strength. It replenishes the ATP stores of the body, which gives muscle energy to contract. Creatine may also help to increase the levels of lean body mass. Do you Know How long does a pre work out last?!

Can We Take A Pre Workout Empty Stomach?

Taking a pre workout depends on numerous factors like endurance and resilience of the stomach, medical history, caffeine resistance, age and overall health of someone's body.

It is said that timing is everything, so some people like to have a pre workout on their empty stomachs first in the morning to get the maximum benefit out of it, while others avoid it due to their weak resistance to high caffeine.

Many people who are not into intense workouts or exercise and aren't keen on weight loss are not supposed to take a pre workout empty stomach, as it has many side effects depending on the person's body and their daily intake of pre workout. Some people who have a low resistance to caffeine may experience Jitters, Tingles, and Heart Palpitations if it is taken first in the morning. If pre-workouts are consumed on an empty stomach, and you’re doing long or intense bouts of exercise, your blood sugar may drop too low and that will lead to Hypoglycaemia.

Some stimulant ingredients present in most pre-workouts can upset the gastrointestinal tract, specifically the small intestine, and lead to gastrointestinal irritation and diarrhoea or nausea. While some people have a weak stomach and low resistance to caffeine to take pre workout on an empty stomach, others prefer taking it empty stomach who are into intense training and want to lose weight. Some people may prefer taking ergogenic aids like pre workout supplements. Athletes and fitness enthusiasts always prefer their pre workout supplements empty stomach due to the high composition of caffeine and other natural components of supplements because they act as ergogenic for them. Caffeine and other ingredients are quickly absorbed in the bloodstream due to an empty stomach; Faster absorption means that these ingredients present in the pre-workout are metabolised rapidly, providing their ergogenic benefits without the delay that would normally accompany eating beforehand.

People who want to lose fat easily and quickly can also have great benefits when they take a pre workout empty stomach. Exercising on an empty stomach burns the stored fats in order to maintain the energy needed to fuel exercise. Eating no food before your session, especially when you didn’t eat after last night, may also mean you have low energy levels, so pre-workout can be a great way to give yourself the power boost without the need to eat extra calories.

What Would Be The Ideal Time To Take Pre Workout To Have Maximum Benefits?

People prefer their ideal time to take a pre workout supplement, whether they want to take it on an empty stomach or after having a light breakfast before hitting the gym. Some people who have a low resistance to high caffeine take their pre workout dosage after light snacks in the morning before exercising, and some prefer it on an empty stomach as they want high energy during their intense workout. What would be the ideal time for pre workout always depends on who is taking this supplement and in what quantity. Everyone has different attributes of their body, so saying one thing that taking pre workout empty stomach is not good,

would not suffice; But it is true that if you want to have the optimum benefit of your pre workout supplement, then take it at least 30 to 60 minutes before you go for exercise or hit your gym. It takes a minimum of 30 minutes to reach its peak to gain extra energy and alertness during your workout.


When there is lots of confusion, whether pre workout should be taken empty stomach or not? You should always listen to your experts and your gym trainer or doctor. You can also follow the instructions given on the product. People with low tolerance to high caffeine should avoid using it on an empty stomach if they don't want to suffer from side effects like nausea, digestive problems and jitteriness. For People who want to start their day with intense training and looking for ergogenic aids, then it is the best supplement they can have first thing in the morning. They can go without adding extra calories to their diet and gain energy levels for their workout. Having good quality also plays a vital role in it. So before taking your pre workout supplement, read the supplement ingredient list and ensure you're not taking any artificial sweeteners and synthetic additives. So stay healthy and fit.

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