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Are You Lifting After A Layoff

by Repfuel Sports 10 Apr 2023 0 Comments

Winters are the toughest time of the year when it comes to weight lifting. After missing workouts due to chilling days, traveling, vacations, and sleepy mornings; when it comes to getting back on schedule, it really seems quite impossible and demotivated.  If this is the scenario and you want to return to lifting, but have no idea how to go back for making progress?

And we are here present to clear at least a few of your doubts and guide you in a way.

If you haven't went to a gym for 2-3 weeks or even more. And lacking in protein intake, bad sleep, or had an Injury?

Each of these will be going to affect your body differently so there is no universal solution for what you need to do when you get back in the gym.

What To Start From?

Firstly, If you tried and you can’t lift weights as much as you were doing before the layoff, stop trying. No issues just reduce weight for the start and then gradually progress. Experiment and see what weight can be currently handled by you and start with those. You usually only need to go down 15-20%.

No need to rush and exhaust your body, you will be soon back to your old performance.

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How Much Time Will It Take?

Ummm…!!! Probably it is pretty fast. Observations and Studies say that muscle size barely goes down if you don’t train for about one-two weeks. But in that case, the nutrition intake and sleep cycle should be proper.

The rate of losing strength is much than faster losing muscle. The reason for that is because besides being related to muscle size, strength is also a skill to be learned and hold.

Lifting heavy weights requires practice so after a layoff you probably need a few weeks to get back to your old performance.

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